Radiant Autumn Skin

Autumn is that time of the year when it’s starting to get cooler as it’s nearing winter, and that’s not exactly good for your skin. As the air gets colder and dryer, it’s all the more reason for you to start taking your skin care ritual a notch higher.

Summer’s over and it’s now time to amp up your skincare routine. After all that frolicking under the sun and on the beach, all those activities might have taken its toll on your skin. It is now the best time to give your skin all the pampering it needs to prepare for the coming cold.

To ensure that your skin’s health is in perfect condition, read up on our tips below and make them a regular routine.


The air is starting to get dry and cold during these times that makes it even more important for you to make exfoliation a regular habit. Do it once a week to slough off damaged and dead skin cells from all your summer escapades to reveal the healthy skin beneath!

If you have normal to dry skin, it’s okay to use facial scrubs with moisturising properties. If you have sensitive skin, however, opt for products with mild exfoliating properties, such as Enzyme Peels. Why not splurge a little as well and get a facial or a treatment at a salon, to get rid of dry skin? Not only is it relaxing, but it will give your skin all the loving it needs!

Whether you choose to have it done for you or if you choose DIY, proper moisturisation should come after. Do not neglect this step.

TIP: Remember to exfoliate your lips too!


A good moisturiser is your skin’s best friend especially during cold weather. Be it your face, your body or your lips, always remember to keep your skin moisturised with good quality treatment creams.

Remember to moisturise after cleansing to replenish the lost moisture stripped away from cleansing and exfoliating. If you have dry skin, you may want to switch to a heavier treatment cream as they provide thicker moisturising effect. Take extra notice of your hands and lips as they are most prone to drying and chaffing during the cold seasons.

TIP: When buying moisturisers, be mindful of your skin type and choose the appropriate products.


This tip might seem too repetitive, but never forget to hydrate yourself properly. As the cold starts to set in, your skin needs adequate hydration to combat the dryness. A good tip is to properly consume an adequate amount of water. Regular consumption of water will help your skin retain and replenish its moisture leaving your skin smooth and supple even when you’re exposed to cold and dry air.

TIP: Invest in a suitable serum for your skin, such as Vit A (anti-aging), Vit C (antioxidant), an Intense Hydrating Serum, Vit B & Niacin (prevents skin problems), Sodium Hyaluronate (supurb hydration!)


Just because the cooler weather is coming &  you’ll be wearing thicker clothes doesn’t mean that you can neglect protecting your skin from the sun’s UV rays!  SPF is recommended all year round. It’s also a good idea to keep with you a travel size SPF lotion for when you need to re-apply.


As always, the road to good skin comes from living a healthy lifestyle. Good health shows through radiant and blooming skin. Having your regular intake of fruits and vegetables and your daily vitamin needs ensure that your body gets all the nourishment it needs and it will reflect through how your skin looks.

Because summer can be particularly damaging to the skin, it’s important to follow a skin care routine that works on the damage and prepares your skin for the coming Autumn season. Do remember, however, that proper skin care should be done all year round and not just in preparation for harsh weather.

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