Body Sugaring



is a 100% natural & hygienic method of hair reduction.

It requires only 2mm of hair growth for treatments, eliminating the long wait between treatments.

There’s no risk of burning as the sugar paste is applied at a lukewarm temperature plus regular 2-3 weekly treatments will provide a permanent hair reduction result.

You can read more information about body sugaring here. Or, contact us and we will send you an info pack






Brows $29 Full Back $70
Lip $22 Half Back $47
Chin $27 Stomach or Chest $47
Sides of Face $36
Underarm $30  Enquire Now
Half Leg $49
3⁄4 Leg $56
Full Leg $70
Bikini $36
XX G-String $49
XXX Brazilian $55
Half Arm $40
3⁄4 Arm $55
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