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Eyebrow Microblading – COMING SOON!

Brow Microblading, Featherstroke or Feather Touch, is a micro-pigmenting technique that transforms sparse or non-existing brows into symmetrical arches that perfectly frame your face.

Unlike harsh ‘fake’ block tattooing, Microblading looks natural because very fine hair-like strokes are penetrated into the skin to create a natural look.

Depending on your needs, your brows can be subtly enhanced or completely remodelled as each new strand of hair is intricately etched into the skin.

Every skin takes pigment differently. This means your results might look different to someone else’s.

The Procedure

A hand held tool (pen like) with a very fine blade of needles is used to creat fine hair-like strokes, this is to implant the hypo-allergenic pigment into the skin.

Your results can last up to 18months – 2yrs. Results vary depending on the individual’s resistance to the pigment.

Anaesthetic is applied prior to your treatment, and then continuously during treatment to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

There is no ‘down time’, however, you may find your brow area to be pinkish in colour on the first day.

Touch Up

A touch up is recommended at 4 weeks of your first treatment. This is to fill in any gaps that may appear, and replace areas that did not hold the pigment.

And then again at 18 months – 2yrs to keep your new brows looking defined.





Brow Tidy $18.50
Brow Shape $22.50
Lash Tint $27
Brow Tint $18
Brow Tint & Shape $33
Lash & Brow Tint with Shape $62

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